Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Season A

He calls us into His loneliness, His solitude, His feeling. All day long we feel created, we sense pieces of our createdness in each moment. Those days are especially blessed. Autumn brings many of these days, some overwhelming, some simple and subtle. Isn't all change like that? Each new bend, new season, new day carries with it glimpses of God. The leaves are turning, the days are shortening, summer has past, life is moving; the Lord brings beautiful change.

I got a job working with new life ambulance. then i quit. it wasn't where i was supposed to be. my last day one of the patients crashed at dialysis. i read psalm 39 that morning. it was all about the finitude of life. i need to think more about this.

I started my new job last night. I work in a detox facility taking vitals, assisting with medications, and monitoring patients coming off of drugs and alcohol. i haven't seen tracking marks like this before - their veins are wrecked, their minds broken. its sad to see these people - these men and women created in the image of God. i pray for sensitivity, for urgency in my prayers, for wisdom in how much i allow it to affect me. its crazy how helpless we are apart from God - i can't even go to work without His guiding presence. how encouraging that He is with us always - even unto the end of the age. (Matt 28:20) i love this thought.

The shadows are lengthening, this is my favorite time of day! I could go do a hundred different things - or i could sit here and enjoy the fullness of life which is found in Christ. what does that mean? it means waiting on Him. i need His wisdom.