Friday, October 1, 2010

3 nights in

Love hurts; it grieves, cries out, aches and writhes in pain. Sometimes it hurts so much it wears you out. I walk into the detox center at night and it seems like everyone has a hose and their looking for someone to plug it into and suck dry because they haven't felt love in such a long time. A kind word, an offered prayer - what a lot to a starving man is that.

God has begun to open many doors at work. Last night there were many opportunities to pray, listen to, and share with the men in the detox facility. I'm 3 nights into the job and am on the border of compassion fatigue. We try to walk such a tightrope between our own soul care and living with eyes wide open, seeking the suffering heart of God. He is there, in the midst of those men, longing to be manifested in the lives of His followers. And this is our great task - to be like Christ. Our sufficiency is found in Him - when this is lived out, i think the tightrope becomes a field to run and jump and enjoy. And so we pray for that - we long for Him.

Oh Lord, we daily need your help and grace. Thank you for not always giving us answers - because you always give us Yourself. and that is enough.