Sunday, May 1, 2011


On Friday, returning from Aggies Baby Home, it looked as if the country had gone crazy. Years of pent-up anger and frustration unleashed on the streets of Kampala - and on themselves. The cycle of violence continues. We passed burning roadblocks, huge stones rolled in the middle of the road, and empty tear gas canisters which littered the ground. It was the left-overs of what people around the world are terming another "day of rage" -
              - like Egypt
              - like Tunisia
              - like Libya
              - like Syria

Seeing these things reminded me of what an embattled, broken world we live in - a world desperate for shalom - for His inbreaking kingdom.

and so we pray for peace - we pray for His Easter newness.


4 Him said...

Glad you are both safe.
While in prayer at PHOP I was reminded of the kindness, peacefulness and forgiveness that has been within the Ugandan believers' DNA. How parents have forgiven soldiers of atrocities upon their children.
May this pervasive forgiveness and peace explode in Uganda once again!